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Friday, September 28, 2012

Under the Pink

Although I'm largely indifferent about Miss Minaj nowadays I fully support her foray into the celebrity fragrance biz. The bottle for "Pink Friday" is one part Avon, one part Metropolis, and totally fucking amazing. It may smell like the Victoria's Secret PINK™ store at your local mall but does that really matter?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tween Dream

I'm so obsessed with this hysterical ad for Justin Bieber's new fragrance "Someday". It was shot by Terry Richardson, of course. Perfume ads are always about sex but I've never seen an one that blantantly appeals to the sexuality of preteen girls. This ad basically screams "Someday, when I'm old enough, I'll lose my virginity to Justin Bieber!" This is a dream shared by millions of 12 year olds but it's weird to see it spelled out on a magazine page. I also can't help but read into the byline "Never let go with the new fragrance for her that gives back." Does it have any relation to the insanely vaginal perfume bottle? That thing looks like a demented collaboration between Judy Chicago and Claire's Accessories. Although it's mostly just a cheap impostor of the stellar "Oh Lola!" bottle. The rhinestone heart and key evoke both chastity belts and the miniature locks that girls put on their diaries, which presumably contain pages and pages of flowery prose about Mr. Bieber. And then there's the commercial, which features a bevy of Twilight-esq imagery, orgasmic sounds, and one sick pair of purple high-tops. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with these ads but they're indicative of how crazy advertising has become, not to mention the insanity of the Justin Bieber phenomenon. And don't even get me started on the airbrushing. If a baby-faced 17-year old is too haggard to appear un-retouched in his own ad campaign the world has become a very sad place.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

D.I.Y. Dream Collaboration: IKEA x Comme des Garçons PLAY

I hate it when luxury brands collaborate with low-end or mid-range brands and I still can't afford anything. Unlike Lanvin for H&M or Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, my IKEA x Comme des Garçons PLAY hybrid pillow can be yours for less that ten dollars! Just follow the simple instructions below:

1. Go to IKEA and purchase their "Famnig Hjärta" cushion (don't you just love those IKEA names?). It is their top selling item and at $4.99 a pop it won't exactly break the bank. 
2. Buy a piece of white felt and a piece of black felt.
3. Google image the CDG PLAY logo and cut out the eye and eyeball shapes accordingly.
4. Sew or glue the eyes onto the pillow. I stitched the black eye part onto the white eye part but then I lost momentum and ended up gluing the finished eyes on the pillow. I hope this goes without saying but use fabric glue! I used a plastic knife to spread the glue evenly on the back of felt pieces, it worked wonderfully. 
5. If you have any Comme des Garçons fragrances (ideally their lovely Rose perfume) give your pillow a nice little spritz for added effect. 

Happy crafting!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Katy Perry

I like to think that I'm too mature to write posts like this but Katy Perry brings out an ugly side of me. This is for the haters...

Dear Katy Perry, 
Just because you have #1 singles, your own personal fragrance with a campaign shot by Miles Aldridge, an album cover by Will Cotton, a close friendship with Rihanna, and a closet full of Miu Miu and Ashish, does not mean that you are cool. In fact, you are totally creepy and represent everything that I hate about contemporary music, if you can even call it music. It was weird when you said that Lady Gaga's video was blasphemous because you write songs for ten year old girls about "freaking in jeeps" and being so hot that you'll "melt" some dudes' "popsicle." I mean, really? Your husband is also creepy. And I resent the fact that you wrote a song called "California Gurls" which desecrates my home state and The Beach Boys. Hasn't Brian Wilson been through enough? I also haven't forgiven you for your barsexual anthem "I Kissed a Girl". You totally ruined cherry chapstick for me.....forever. And now, on top of everything, you are capitalizing on my favorite fashion micro-trend: cats. Bitch, please

UPDATE Is that a Jesus tattoo on her wrist? How unfortunate for Jesus. My thoughts are with him during this difficult time.