Friday, November 4, 2011

420 Riot Grrrls!

The two most important clips from Roseanne that you will ever watch. 


Lavender said...

love Roseanne

Anastasia said...


Chelsea said...

Holy shit I've never seen the Riot Grrrl one, amazing!

Gaby said...

Hhahaah I saw that first one TV the other day and was reminded how amazing this show is. So so so good.

Gaby xoxo

Kailey said...

You are my hero for including the high clip! So many incredible quotes from that moment alone:

Jackie: "Is this the sink, am I shrinking?"

Dan: "Roseanne you are the sexist, prettiest, loveliest woman..." (badly paraphrased)
Roseanne: ".... ... ... What?"

Etc! Flawless comedy.