Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's Your Fantasy?

Fantasy and fairy tale imagery has really been speaking to us lately so for the next week or so all of our posts will relate to this theme. Get ready for a bevy of fairies, mermaids, enchanted castles, and the occasional talking animal! It's going to be so magical up in here, you might forget that you aren't a five year old in a princess outfit. Unless you are, in which case, get off the internet and enjoy your childhood while it lasts! Pretty soon you will have to pay rent, wash your own clothes, and be a slave to your e-mail account. But anyway, to kick things off we had to share these insane David LaChapelle photos from a 1995 issue of The Face (R.I.P.). Check out the rest of the editorial here.


fruitstand cat said...

de lurking to say
my big model crush when i was 16..
guenivere van seenus
haven't seen that face in years.

Sean said...

Haha, WOW. Where did you find these? Awesome!