Monday, July 25, 2011

Important Jumpsuits of the Nineties

1. Missy Elliott's "The Rain" video (1997)
What could be more punk rock than wearing a giant inflatable PVC jumpsuit that makes you look morbidly obese? This just might be the most subversive fashion statement of the era.

2. Tori Amos' "Crucify" video (1992)
First and foremost, the fact that this song is nearly twenty years old is really mind-blowing. Tori's teal velvet (or is it velour?) jumpsuit looks just as good today as it did in '92.

3. PJ Harvey at the Glastonbury festival(1995)
This jumpsuit is totally wearing her but in a good way. And the eyeshadow is a nice touch.

4. Madonna's "Human Nature" video (1995)
I'm assuming that Madonna discovered Mary Gaitskill in the early nineties and this is what happend. Has anyone else noticed that she looks like she's writhing around in a giant IKEA shelving unit?

5. The Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" video (1996)
Even though she's totally upstaged by Ginger Spice (as always) Posh Spice had a pretty compelling Emma Peel moment in the "Say You'll Be There." video. And it's always fun to see her without all that bronzer.

5. Sonic Youth's "My Friend Goo" video (1990)
Kim Gordon's Anita Pallenberg-in-art-school style was one of the more interesting looks of the era. Even her curious styling decisions in this video are oddly endearing.

I'll try to chill out with the 90's stuff now. I was all about it until I read the Jenny Holzer twitter the other day and it said "nostalgia is the first sign of decay." So now can't hear an Ace of Base song without thinking about my own mortality. Thanks Jenny.


bunnyblues said...

Wow I have not seen that Spice Girls video in years... I feel 13 again! I always loved Baby!

shan said...

Missy is a subversive, classy, crazy intelligent biddie. I've done a lot of papers and articles on her -- she always stays at least three years ahead of every trend, whether it's style or socially/artistically relevant. This video -- maybe combined with Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?", but then that's Missy's girl anyway -- was the cornerstone for hip-hop/R&B music video filmography going into 2K. can't say enough about this lady.

TheLocativeCase said...

WOW chelsea I LOVE this! I was trying to find a good destiny's child coordinated outfit--remember when Tina Knowles would just take one glittery print or micro-suede and make a bikini top/jump suit/mini-skirt/leotard/whatever for each group member?--but I had trouble finding any pictures. Instead I just went with the latex-sex-on-a-stick queen Britney Spears (i think the graininess and weirdo pose make this particular pic awesome). It's shocking how similar her JS is to Kim's. Check it out if you want:

Louise Lou said...

Anita Kim Gordon was really gorgeous.
You could visit "The girl who could not...", one of these days. Life is a stroke.

LuxiRare said...

That madonna music video makes Lady Gaga look super lame!

It's post like these that keep me addicted to ur blog! And now I want to listen to 'All that she wants..'

Annika said...

The Jenny Holzer quote just made this. This was a pretty awesome way to start my day, thank you!

kyra kendall said...

this is a great post. 90's jumpsuit radness.

sallylouvintage said...

Several things:

1) Why did I not think of this post first?!!!

2) I saw PJ Harvey wearing that suit in 1994 when she and Veruca Salt opened for Live. She also had lime green stilettos on....I was totally mesmerized.

3) I always think about doing Crucify for karaoke. Do you think it would translate well to a mixed crowd? Also, Tori slithering on piano is one of the sexiest 1990s things ever.

4) I listen to that Missy song regularly because its totally genius and could come out today and be just as mind blowing.

God, you're awesome.

Rosiepop said...

that's just brilliant said...

it strikes me how 'queer' these videos seem in a contemporary context, when at the time they were quite mainstream...

Chelsea said...

TheLocativeCase--How could I forget about that one! So major. I remember watching the "Making the Video" on MTV.

Luxirare-Yeah thats my favorite Madonna moment ever! The corn rows are so good...

SallyLou-You're so sweet! I've thought about doing Cornflake Girl before but yeah, I don't know if a random crowd would be into it. I think it would be good for private karaoke rooms with rowdy girls. And I'm so jeals that you saw PJ in '94! I didn't see her until '01 and that shit changed my life.

LFP-You are totally right! Especially Madonna and Missy. And Tori always had a bit of her! And your username!

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

This post made my day. Ginger Spice for life.