Monday, May 2, 2011

Prints and Pages

Attention New Yorkers! You would be well advised to check out the Prints & Pages pop-up shop at Gallery Hanahou in Soho. The shop is devoted entirely to artist books, zines, and other printed matter. There is tons of great work from lots of amazing people like Tina Berning, Gabriel Smith, and Marcus Oakley, who created the trippy cat screen print below. I made a zine for the occasion called The Feminine Complex. It's about the aesthetics of women's culture and my love/hate relationship with the Girl Talk board game. I'll do a proper post about it soon but for now you can check it out at the gallery and in their web store. I am also selling back issues of the first issue of Chelsea, also available in the web store. Big thanks to all my friends at Hanahou!


m.bardeaux said...

the new zine looks so good girl, i can't wait to get my paws on a copy! luv the lollipop addition haha.

kellyr said...

i'm so there!!! can't wait to see this pink scented wonder.