Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leisure Nomad

Leisure Nomad by OLO Fragrance from Orland Nutt on Vimeo.

Love this video by Orland Nutt for the Portland based fragrance line OLO. The over the top 80s perfume commercial reference starring Ashby Collinson is too good! You can buy Leisure Nomad here. Summerland also stocks an amazing argan oil based hair tonic that is not available on the OLO site. The tonic has a highly addictive cedar + rose scent, subtle and perfect for your lovely locks!


STEFANIE said...

Ooh this is wonderful! :)

Safeena said...

There you go, enticing me again with pretties and smellies. Can't wait for the sample set to arrive, thanks again for the BEST style and groove blog out there.

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