Tuesday, February 8, 2011

R.I.P. Susannah York

Last week I posted a ton of Kate Bush stuff, this week will be mostly memorial posts as all of the most fabulous people are dropping dead! I'll start with Susannah York, she was an actress and gay icon who happens to be in four of my favorite films: They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, The Maids, The Killing of Sister George, and Images, which I'll post stills from later this week. She's not obscure by any means but she never achieved the level of fame that she deserved, outside of England anyway. I've been wanting to make a Susannah York fanzine for awhile now, I hope I actually get around to it!

Read her obituary
Read her wikipedia entry

Still from The Killing of Sister George


lolitapopdollhouse said...

Can't believe all the fabulous people who've passed away in the past couple of weeks: Susannah York, Trish Keenan (still having a hard time with that one!), then Maria Schneider, John Barry, Lena Nyman AND Tura Satana all in the same week!!! A sad start to 2011 so far. :(

Chelsea said...

Seriously sad start to 2011, I didn't hear about Lena Nyman! That is so sad!

lolitapopdollhouse said...

And how could I forgot Gladys Horton?!? :(

Anonymous said...

I am greatly saddened by the death of Susannah York. She was my favorite actress for many years. She was very beautiful, with a unique screen presence, and she was a very talented actress with a wide range. Some of my favorite Susannah York movies: The Seventh Dawn; A Man for All Seasons; The Killing of Sister George; Gold; Tom Jones; and the best version of Jane Eyre ever made (a PBS production co-starring George C. Scott). She will be missed. A beautiful spirit.