Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Piece of Work

I finally saw the Joan Rivers documentary last week, god it was good! She is such a badass and a total feminist pioneer. It's unfortunate that she failed to be recognized as such because of her plastic surgery---whatever, haters! Watch it now on netflix.


Hannah said...

Hello! So this morning I was doing my workout on the elliptical machine while browsing the Lucky Magazine I got in the mail last week. That's when I stumbled upon an article about your blog! I decided to check it out this morning, and the first post I see is one about Joan Rivers--who is hands down one of the most hilarious people I've never met but would LOVE to. With such a first great impression I decided to look some more. The pictures you post are gorgeous! I just recently (a.k.a. last Friday) started getting into blogs, and I'm glad I came across yours :)

Emily said...

i saw that wen it came out. so great. made me love her when before i didnt care for her much.

JennySue said...

Joan Rivers is a bad *ss. I love a flamboyant self confident woman who is not apologetic for being herself, whether that self has been cosmetically altered or not!