Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's a whole new year and with it comes a whole new Cat Party! It's actually the same old Cat Party with bigger images and more posts, I hope you guys like it! On a related note: here are our New Year's resolutions:

1. Get an exotic shorthair cat                                                
2. Start making dolls
3. Find new and unique ways to stick it to the patriarchy
4. Stick it to the patriarchy whenever possible
5. Be less of a slacker about going to the gym

1. Take more photos
2. Craft more
3. Read all those books I've been meaning to
4. Learn to drive a stick shift
5. Complain less

1 comment:

brittansalisbury said...

seeing your "fuck the patriarchy" tag made me realize I had found new blog love.

The imagery and writing you have here is great!
xo, B