Thursday, December 23, 2010

We're Getting a Makeover!

 I'm taking a mini-hiatus from posting this week because I am re-designing the blog, I can't wait to show you guys! Photo by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, creepy.


Christina said...

I can't wait! I recently redesigned my blog. Check it out - a li'l inspired by Cat Party, I must say

Nicholas said...

ooooo shit! I cant wait to see the new space! I've officially started blogging my batshitcrazy life on tumblr... i figured it was time to show the world my true insanity through cooking, crafts, entertaining, and of course being super gay. Ill send you the link when its a bit more developed. xoxo

dentist west hollywood said...

Lol, nice picture. I never saw your blog before the re-vamp, but I love it the way it is now! great stuff.