Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Shiloh

Four year olds usually excel at "effortless" style but Shiloh is really taking things to the next level with this outfit. Who would have thought to pair a trapper hat with a military jacket and unlaced Ann D-style combat boots? Maybe Tabitha Simmons? 

Move over Ron Galella, this is by far the chicest paparazzi photo of all time! Shiloh looks flawless (of course) but Zahara is totally upstaging her in the accessories department. Her metallic flats look so major with that Hello Kitty 2.55. 

This girl is only four and she's already better at layering than I am! The bomber jacket was a good call, can you imagine how cute she would look in a little baseball jacket? OMG.  

Kurt Cobain realness! Can someone please get her a little Daniel Johnston t-shirt to wear? That would be so precious.


Isabel said...

This post just made my life.

become a personal stylist said...

They are all super cute. Its fun playing dress up with kids, especially when you ask them to pick their clothes, you can tell the style they are trying to achieve.

Jackie and Franzi said...

shiloh is soo cute! she looks like her mum in the third picture! :)
xoxo F

ces said...

Brangelina kids are adorable! :D

dentist los angeles said...

Hahaa love your commentary, and totally agree. What a well dressed little kid! So cute