Sunday, October 31, 2010


If you live in New York City I highly reccomend checking out Move! at PS.1 today. I went on Saturday and within 15 minutes of getting there I had already gotten a free manicure and done card tricks with DAVID fucking BLAINE!!! I can die now. He was sort of like Houdini meets a monk meets some dude at bar with a dash of Jesus---I really dug it. My friends and I nerdily asked to take a photo with him, it will be on my fridge until the end of time! The crazy hairdos that my friends Sayaka and Sarah are sporting are from the Cheryl/American collaboration which was essentially a demented beauty parlor. The Rob Pruitt/ Marc Jacobs piece was also incredible!


m.bardeaux said...

a Halloween miracle! that's so awesome, i wish i was with you all the time. question: did he put his arm around you?

Chelsea said...