Thursday, September 30, 2010

On Lipstick

In the previous post I failed to mention that Lipstick is a rape/revenge movie and I do not recommend watching it. Glamourizing and eroticizing rape is beyond disgusting; this film has nothing to offer apart from it's visuals. I've always been attracted to imagery that depicts extreme, artificial notions of femininity or beauty. They are aesthetically pleasing on the surface but ultimately serve to highlight the inherent creepiness behind our cultural ideals for women. Because this is a fashion blog, the intended irony is not always apparent. I've always had a love/hate relationship with fashion and beauty and the content of this blog reflects that.


dirtbike said...

oh wow.

thank you for clarifying. i almost watched that movie, but now i am really glad i did not. i cannot watch rape scenes. this would have traumatized me. yikes!

Angsthase said...

oh, okay, blargh. that's completely become something i don't want to watch. it also sort of explains the gun picture that i was confused by before.
what a weird idea/name for a movie.