Friday, September 24, 2010

Cat Eye

My road trip with Megan & Sara is officially over and even though I love being back in New York I really miss life on the road. My favorite purchase from the trip--aside from a sensitively rendered portrait of David Bowie--was a cheap pair of white cat eye glasses that I picked up at a vintage store in Albuquerque. I've been looking for a pair ever since I re-watched The Doom Generation; Megan later told me that she did the same exact thing in high school! But who can blame us? Amy Blue is such a babe.



marina said...

oooh, I'm from Albuquerque! best vintage shopping every time!

Air Purifiers said...

I was in Santa Fe a few months ago for the first time and I fell in love with it! I only drove through Albuquerque so I didn't get to see anything other than what I could see on the freeways, did you like it? I loved Santa Fe so much though- all the art and culture was amazing!