Monday, August 23, 2010

Cher vs. Lover

The new Lover collection and Cher have been at the forefront of my mind for the past few days. I just got tickets to see Cher in Las Vegas, which should be interesting to say the least. Even though Cher and Lover seem like they would occupy opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, they do have a few things in common. The new Lover pieces would look so perfect on Cher circa 1965; it's too bad that I can't "turn back time" and make that a reality. In any event, come Spring 2011 I hope to be channeling Cher (and Soledad Miranda) in Lover's insanely perfect black lace minidress (below). I would also like to add that I interviewed Lover's Nic Briand and Susien Chong for the new issue of Chelsea which finally comes out next week! They were really lovely and I even got to catch a glimpse of their adorable cat through the webcam. Thanks again Nic & Susien!



m.bardeaux said...

holy shit they brought that lace minidress back!?! i want it sooooo badly, they had something really similar in a past collection and it's been haunting my dreams ever since! sadly i'm pretty sure it's from the southern hemisphere collection, going to have to fly to australia i guess.

awesome post chelsea, you're doing a good job of making me regret not buying tickets to cher!

Siubhan said...

That's uncanny. Who would have though it? Amazing.

I'm more than in love with the velvet dress – such a perfect shape, and so beautifully styled there.

Chelsea said...

Megan--that was so not my intent! I've just had Cher on the brain, I can't help myself.

Wait, so the southern hemisphere stuff is never available in the states? I always assumed that few things made their way over here eventually.

m.bardeaux said...

well, as far as i know it isn't but you could still buy from an australian store if they offer international shipping or ebay. there might be some places in the states that buy from both lines though, it just wouldn't make sense for most american stores to sell bathing suits and gauzy dresses in the fall. let me know if you find it, i'm dying!!!

April Joy said...

nice spread!

Every Little Counts said...

whoa, all i can say is... whoa.

reckless daughter said...

this is spot on! and I love it, who knew ;)