Thursday, July 29, 2010

Got $500?

Maybe you should spend it on a United Bamboo dress....for your cat! I swear to god this is not a joke. You can actually buy these from Opening Ceremony here and here. If any of you guys are crazy (or drunk) enough to buy one of these, please send us pictures!



Sleepy Darlings said...

oh god, that cat looks completely traumatized. i think you'd have to give the cat some of whatever your sipping on if you don't want to be sliced up! too funny.

Shannon said...

if you can find a cat that would keep that on for longer than 10 seconds, then go for it!

i bought my persian a puffy vest for winter. she hates it.

joy said...

I love my cat. Enough not to put myself in debt to make her look hideous. Plus she would whine...this is not a realistic item. (Tumblr idea!)

SEO Los Angeles said...

Wow! Now that is high fashion for your cat!