Thursday, July 1, 2010


I just discovered Brian Duffy's work. He was in the same swinging London scene as David Bailey and Terence Donovan but he didn't achieve the same level of success that they did. Although he was responsible for the Aladdin Sane cover and for that I am eternally grateful. His fashion work is pretty amazing but his ad campaign for Benson & Hedges is nothing short of genius. I can't believe that no one has recycled that idea. I can totally see an Alexander McQueen shoe in that bird cage. But anyway, Brian Duffy passed away very recently; he was still alive when I found these photos a few months ago. RIP.



. said...

Oh he is so good. I love the one with the tree covering their faces. Maybe its the intense colours, but he sort of reminds me of Guy Bourdin.

Golden Acapulco said...

The long skirt layered ensembles fascinate me, it looks timeless.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Oh no, I didn't know he'd died. He was a curmudgeonly old so and so, I don't think I'd be struck by lightning for saying. There was a great documentary about him and his archive on British TV not too long ago. It might be on youtube somewhere. They spoke about his er, uncompromising ways and that him not being all PR friendly refusing to play the schmoozing game was why he is less well known than the others in the end, even though you can see how visionary his ideas were and the level of skill to execute them. He also talked about how they purposely made the Aladdin Sane cover as expensive to produce as humanly possible! Good bloke.

Poivre Monkey said...

i love the last pic !

Chelsea said...

I really wish I had seen that! He sounds amazing

Eva said...

This guy is great- I love the energy/action of the photos. I love finding out about great photographers.

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