Friday, June 11, 2010

Wallpaper of my Dreams

I recently encountered this amazing Sara Moon-esq wallpaper at Ric's Hair Salon in Arcata, California (where Megan and I grew up). What I would do for a roll of that stuff....



Aubrey said...

Oh my God... Love that wallpaper!
By the way, I just discovered your blog and love it. I actually am living in Arcata right now!

niki said...

Arcata?! My cousin lives there. I'm actually going to visit in a few weeks. Any tips for cool places to visit in nothern California? (My family put me in charge of sightseeing)

Chelsea said...

Aubrey--really? That's cool. I'm in between apartments in NYC so I'm in Arcata (well, Westhaven) for the month. I actually do love it here. You should get your hair done at Ric's, He is great and I love that wallpaper. Glad you like the blog!

Niki--Hmmm. Avenue of the Giants (where the huge old growth redwood trees are) is definitely worth seeing. Highway 101 goes right through it. Ditto with Trees of Mystery. It's a super kitschy roadside attraction with a huge---I mean huge--statue of Paul Bunyan. Fern Canyon is also great. It's sort of hard to get to but completely worth it. And redwood park in Arcata is nice also.

niki said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Family will be thrilled.

laurakitty said...

That wallpaper is just dreamy.

Emma Wilkins said...

you should check out Julie Verhoevan's wallpaper for showstudio:

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