Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Imitation of Life

Technicolor melodramas and cheesy L.A. imagery are two of my major weaknesses so I can't help but love Alex Prager's photographs. She recently did a short film with Bryce Dallas Howard called Despair, check it out here.



Eva said...

these images are so velvety! I will definitely check out this video after I post this. I love discovering new photographers-this reminds me of Ellen von Unwerth

leather lace blog said...

lovely loving red hair at the moment!

Amy H said...

I saw this stuff online!! So sexy, and weird.

m.fay said...

LOVE! your blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!


laurakitty said...

Totally love her work- I've been trying to get some of it in an exhibit I'm curating. Here's to hoping that it works out!

Nina said...

Love the photos! Great colors and the composition...

m.bardeaux said...

i love all of these! the video is very cool too.

Liz, love. said...

her photographs truly are amazing.


Anonymous said...

you need to post more because seriously every post is pure gold!! you have the best blog!! i like seeing your outfit shots.. it seems you have cool hair and good style! more more more more

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I've never heard of Alex Prager, but I love Bryce Dallas Howard. So talented and beautiful!