Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hiroko Mon Amour

Hiroko Matsumoto was a sixties model/ actress, muse to Pierre Cardin, and that is all the information that I have been able to find about her. It's also safe to say that she was one of the first asian models to find success in the western world along with Avedon muse China Machado. I couldn't find very many photos of her, unfortch. The last few images are screen captures that were originally posted here. The site is in Japanese so I have no idea what movie they are from, does anyone know? All I know is that I want her grommeted leather mini stat!

UPDATE: They are from Truffaut's Domicile Conjugal (Bed and Board). Thanks for the tip Celine!



WendyB said...

Great pix! Love that skirt. Thanks for sharing.

celine said...

ooh! lovely!
the stills are from truffaut's "domicile conjugal" ("bed and board" i think it's called in english) - one of the antoine doinel films. :)

Chelsea said...

Thanks so much Celine! Can't wait to see that

MarieBayArea said...

she's fabulous!

LuxiRare said...

Seriously incredible. This woman is a goddess.

wofgtg said...

After this picture i go to back 1970.

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Anonymous said...

There plenty of informations on Hiroko Matsumoto on Wikipedia, that's a strange life she had !