Friday, May 28, 2010

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Sorry I'm a little tardy with this one but I absolutely love these Terry Richardson photos from the new issue Paris Vogue. The styling is beyond perfect; it reminds me of a cross between Faye Dunaway in Network and 70's Helmut Newton---my two favorite things! Well, my two favorite things aside from cats and Lara Stone. Also, is it just me or is this the zillionth time that a Starbucks cup has been used as a prop in a Paris Vogue editorial? I totally approve but if they really want to up the kitsch factor they should go with Dunkin' Doughnuts. On a related note, how amazing and useful is this website?

Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
Paris Vogue,Lara Stone,Freja
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DD said...

The Captcha for this comment is 'misses.' I think that sums it up nicely... Terry Richardson needs to take a long walk off a short pier. What a nightmare of a human being.

Chelsea said...

That is a valid point but why are people so shocked by his behavior all of a sudden? He has done everything in his power to make it clear to the world that he is a complete pervert. That said, I think that he treated those girls horribly. But all the best artists are perverts and/or assholes unfortunately!

DDW said...

I don't find his behavior shocking, simply reprehensible. And being a pervert is fine, except when it becomes a menace to other, non-consenting people. Being a great artist (which Richardson isn't, anyway) is not an excuse to assault or abuse other people.

LuxiRare said...

Chelsea, when I saw these images I immediately thought of you and your style, it looks like something out of your magazine (but yours would probably be a wee bit better). Glad you posted them!

About the TR thing---Weird how Dove Charney got in a heck of a lot more trouble for imitating TR's style while everyone was just sitting around accepting and praising TR for ages now ( about 10-15 years now). Let's not forget to include Woody Allen and Polanski.

Robin Humphrey said...

i love the red lips and nails with the olive dress~!

shoppingsmycardio said...

gorgeous!!! so glad you shared this...i hadn't seen it. beautiful styling, though i agree - something other than starbucks would have made it perfection.

btw, great to meet you at LTB yesterday :) hope you left with some goodies!

Nina said...

This editorial is genius! Love it!

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