Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Googly Mayhem!

I got such a positive response to my first googly eye post that I thought it merited a follow up. Below are a few googly treasures that I have mined from the internet. And make sure to watch this hilarious googly eye-themed SNL skit. Christopher Walken plays a paranoid gardener who puts googly eyes all over his plants. It almost makes me want to buy a cactus just so I can put googly eyes on it. Is that weird?

Invitations that I made for my mom's birthday party. It'a a tea party (but not that kind of tea party.)

This Giles bag is hilarious and museum-worthy; it has "Fashion & Surrealism" written all over it. Are you listening Harold Koda?

Always ahead of the fashion pack, Jerri Blank sported a googly eye in the Strangers with Candy movie way back in '05.

Love these Andrew Kuo Morrissey t-shirts from ooga booga.

So I can't actually read this eye clock from Uncommon Goods but does it matter?


Brittany Powers said...

I love your invitations!

m.bardeaux said...

haha those t-shirts are awesome!!

Guillem Pou said...

I like!!!!

wool and misc said...

those invitations are AMAZING!!! lucky mom.

Rachel said...

Great invitations! Our shared appreciation first for Strangers with Candy and now googly eyes makes me love your blog more. In my living room I have a vase full of sticks to which I attached googly eyes. I call them my googly sticks.

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dentist west la said...

I want that bag and clock!!! Hilarious. Googly eyes make everything funny.