Friday, April 23, 2010

Sisters of the Moon

I am so excited because the 20th annual Night of 1,000 Stevies is less than a month away! The theme this year is "Sisters of the Moon" and I'm sort of freaking out because I don't know what to wear. Thankfully the NOTS website has some great suggestions:

Suggested Dress: Moon Goddess, Enchanted Eveningwear, Black Widow Spider Effects, Beribboned and Bedecked Tambourines, Wiccan Glamour, Wrapped in Velvet, Important Platform Boots, White Winged Dove After Midnight, Moonstones and Moon Motifs, Lindsey Or John McVie Pagan Menswear, Black Robes Trailing, Silver Threaded Shawls, Cloaks and Cokespoons or Your Personal Best Stevie Nicks Realness, All Eras.


Best version of Rhiannon ever:

Buy tickets here.
ps. At the last NOTS Debbie Harry covered "The Chain." Oh so magical!


joy said...

I have never heard of the 1000 Stevies, it is similar to the 1000 Elvises?


m.bardeaux said...

ugh this is breaking my heart! so sad i can't be there, sisters of the moon is my #1 fave. i'll be there twirling with you in spirit!

Chelsea said...

Yeah it is the same but half of the audience & performers are in drag. Super awesome!

You will be missed megan!

Helga! said...

How divine!!!s

susie_bubble said...

Somebody needs to do a photo story on 1000 Stevies...

m.bardeaux said...

if you haven't already i recommend watching "gypsy 83" for some campy NOTS coming of age goodness. on netflix watch instantly!

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