Thursday, March 11, 2010

What, no Salvatore Barbie?

Major props to the geniuses at Mattel for making these killer Mad Men Barbies. I really appreciate the fact that they used the original doll design. Seriously, how rad is the Joan doll? Look at her little pen necklace---loves!

Mad Men Barbies retail for $74.95 and will be available in May.


Passport Smiles said...

Oh my. I guess you know a show has really hit it big when they make the characters into Barbies. Please tell me they are not $74 each.

Chelsea said...

Most collectable Barbies are that price but you can always wait a few months and get them on amazon for like 30 bucks.

m.bardeaux said...


noughtnothing said...

Totally awesome! I'm pretty disappointed the accessories don't include booze and cigarettes tho, that's my favorite part of the show! (Well, almost.)

Megan said...

but seriously, why does Roger Sterling look like that? totally not bangable. but Joan looks amayyyzing, which makes sense

whatiwore said...

Suddenly I want a barbie. Sweet!

randi bergman said...

joan's tits need to be like x1000 larger. and yes, not having a sal doll is like a slap in the face to gay 60's creative directors everywhere.

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dentist west la said...

I didn't know they made these- and I love Mad Men! My friends and I are all obsessed. So cute, I would totally collect these and display them proudly.