Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mag Hag: Pop

The new issue of Pop is so fantastic. It is genuinely diverse and that is not something that you encounter very often. There are too many wonderful things to mention in a single post but my very favorite part is the Allen Jones zine that comes with the issue. Sean & Seng photographed Devon Aoki wearing sculptures that Jones created for a film that he was developing in the seventies. It was about a woman who wanted to be a model but every time someone took a photo of her she turned into a man. The solution to her dilemma was to wear a woman suit which concealed her male physique. Sadly this movie was never actually made. It drives me crazy when creative geniuses are unable to actualize their visions due to financial constraints. Especially when studios blow millions of dollars making horrible Robin Williams movies. So unfair!


Eline said...

Oh, when I first saw these I was really creeped out by Devon Aoki seemingly looking like a doll and even worse, an object. I'm still not sure if the woman's suit that was suppposed to be for that cool sounding film justifies this objectification though. I mean she's litterally a piece of furniture. But it makes me feel a tad bit better.

Chelsea said...

Allen Jones' work definitely objectifies women (quite literally!) but I can't resist it. I do think that many of his women have a powerful, regal quality about them. But of course part of me is offended. It is a bit more complicated though because I recently learned that there is a fetish called forniphilia. It's basically an offshoot of bondage where people pretend to be furniture. So Jones was inspired by that and apparently there are a ton of people (including women) who are really into it.

Mary said...

girl, i love you, but robin williams has never made a bad movie.
just sayin.
seriously though, i love your blog.

Chelsea said...

Glad you like the blog but let me just say: PATCH ADAMS.

LuxiRare said...

I am offended and into his work in fact I have no idea WHY IKEA HASN'T RIPPED OFF HIS INSANE WOMAN FACING FLOOR BENDING DOWN underneath a glass table idea yet can they please do so because I can't exactly break into a museum and take it.

Also why haven't you blogged about leigh bowery yet. Most of us need an education.

Mary said...

oh my, i forgot about patch adams. you're right. but most of his crappy movies i love. i like crappy movies in general.
& i second a leigh bowery post.

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