Friday, March 12, 2010

The Blank Generation: Part Two

Move over Freja, Jerri Blank is so hot right now! When I saw that Chloe look I was
immediately remided of the outfit that Jerri wore in the first episode of Strangers With
Candy. If all of this is going over your head because you don't watch SWC do yourself
a favor and watch every single episode for free right here. Good times!


Check out the rabbit foot hanging from her belt loop! I wish they had done that
at Chloe. Ps. this post was inspired by Should Be On The Nanny. Love it!


LuxiRare said...

this post made me fall out of my chair. Wtf chelsea this is funny as hell!!!! Her facial expressions on top of is the best collage ever!

And fur pants...I wonder how isaac mizrahi feels! I remember he wanted to do the SAME EXACT THING in the 90s in that documentary unzipped lol.

laurakitty said...

I love that you made her on IMG, hahaha. This whole post is hilarious!

Chelsea said...

Glad you guys appreciate this post! I made those last night while watching SVU and drinking a slightly excessive amount of cheap pinot grigio.

I remember what you are talking about ji. He wanted to make a fur pant but didn't because "women don't want to look like cows." So true. Only Jerri could work that look.

Annelizzle said...

I was a user, a boozer, and a loser, and then I saw this tremendous post. You are splendid.

Anonymous said...

A fabulous post!!

joanna said...


m.bardeaux said...

chelsea you've really outdone yourself with this one. so good!

Passport Smiles said...

Ah! Another "SWC" post. This makes me so happy!!!

Rachel said...

LOL, well done! Her facial expressions are priceless.

My boyfriend claims that Jerri actually wore fur pants much like those in an episode. Can anyone confirm?

Chelsea said...

I thought the fur pant look looked familiar! I think she might have worn them sometime in season 2 which I am less familiar with.

Mary said...

in the episode "there once was a blank from nantucket", jerri is carrying a cluth w/ a rabbit's foot charm on it. such a good look. i genuinely like most of her outfits. the denim jumpsuit she wears when cutting down that die for!

Should Be On the Nanny said...

First: I've been following your blog for a while so I'm THRILLED TO DEATH for the shoutout.
Second: you TOTALLY nailed it. Those Jerri Blank photos are soooo dead on.
Third: You don't understand how much I LURHVE Jerri Blank. Strangers with Candy is probably my ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW.
Fourth: Let's be friends?

Shift dress said...

Really funny, thanks for making me laugh

The S.S. Santiago said...

Seeing Jerri Blank's head attached to that Chloe outfit is priceless. This entire thing has got me moist as a snack cake down there. SWC is amazing, dear anyone who watches it I also want to be your web-friend if only so we can randomly leave quotes from the show on each other's blogs. Kisses~

Chelsea said...

SS Santiago: I totally watched the snack cake episode last night! So good. Please leave SWC quotes on cat party, I'll hit you back!

10101010100 said...

OH MY GOD this is too perfect

Frockstar said...

Big ups to the SWC referance. Pricelessly brilliant photos. Oddly enough the SWC movie was just on comedy central this past weekend. How timely of you! Maegan said...

baahahahahahah brillianttttt!!!!

cake. said...

i'm dying...DYING.

thewindowdisplayblog said...

really funny post

Tiffany said...

Thank you for this. Seriously. You just made my day. I love SWC and cats and your blog. And I'm so glad you led me to the nanny blog. Gawh! It's too much!

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This made me laugh soooo hard! Her faces are funny enough, on the runway is classic! Lol. I love SWC!

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