Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Blank Generation: Part One

I am so incredibly inspired by Third & Delaware that it inspired me to pay tribute to my favorite television style icon: Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy. After binge-watching SWC on Hulu for the past few months I've gotten a pretty good sense of her wardrobe. Her signatures include turtlenecks (especially if they're sleeveless), high-waisted statement pants, novelty earrings, denim, jumpsuits, and what I like to call "wild card" items. Wild card items are items of clothing that simply defy categorizion. You think to yourself, "Where the hell could a person buy something like that? I haven't seen clothes like that in my ten-plus years of compulsive thrift shopping." Like Chloe Sevigny, Jerri has a unique ability to re-interpet items that we would never in a million years deem to be fashionable. Her knack for to creating cohesive outfits with unexpected textures and color combinations reminds me of the work of Jane How and Camille Bidault-Waddington. I've been trying to bring out my inner Jerri Blank lately (mostly by wearing ugly 80's blazers) and I think that all of you should follow suit. Opening Ceremony has a lovely assortment of pieces that look as if they've been plucked straight from her closet. You know she would wear that Jeremy Scott sweater dress with a bolo tie.

Get the look!


Passport Smiles said...

Haha. I adore this post, because of, first and foremost, how amazingly hilarious "SWC" is, and secondly because of your "wild card" commentary and how Chloe Sevigny uses them. I think "wild cards" are what make people have truly unique and inspiring fashion. Otherwise, we'd all look the same.

pachuco hands said...


anja louise said...

Yess!!! Ain't nothin better than Jerri Blank.

joy said...

Until this post I never realized how put together she is in every episode. She has better style than me!
a side note:I love Amy Sedaris.


whatiwore said...

Wow, I'm tremendously impressed with how well you'ved assembled a Jerry Blank wardrobe!

m.bardeaux said...

i definitely have to start watching SWC asap! great picks

wool and misc said...

i'm pretty sure this is the best post on the entire internet.

Chelsea said...

Joy: yes, Amy Sedaris is an amazing individual. Her book is fantastic and I've heard that she also has a little cupcake business. And she has a pet rabbit---swoon!

Whatiwore: Thanks! I thought it was pretty crazy how much Jerri stuff there was at OC. I notice Jerri-esq clothes constantly, I may have a mental disorder. But it's so hard when half of Williamsburg is copping her style!

Megan: You MUST watch it. It may take 3,4,5 episodes to fully appreciate the humor but once you "get it" it is so incredibly rewarding. Plus there are a couple episodes that reference heathers.

Megan said...

holy crappola, this made me laugh...I just finished rewatching SWC abt a month ago, so this couldn't be more perfectly timed for me...what's the next Jerry-inspired trend? a bell in the who-ha?

mmm, good times, good times...

Nicholas said...

Im so glad that you are sitting at the welcome table now Chelsea, now I cant wait to sit back and eat some Fatty Salty Crispies (or maybe some Salty Fatty Crispies) and read through your future Jerry Blank highlights.

Chelsea said...

Chocolate Scabies are also pretty good.

Razzi said...

Strangers with Candy is such a crazy film. I saw 10 mins at first at a friends and I couldn't help but watch the rest. SO weird/funny


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jesi said...

im totally trying to "weird up" my wardrobe too... i found what seems to be a dolman-sleeve female cosby sweater that i love wearing... every time i look in the mirror i ask "is this hideous?... i dont care! i love it!" i need more of those crazy thrift-store accessories like bolo ties and those AMAZING lip earrings. kudos.

Sister Shirley said...

My fashion inspiration lately has been Shelly Duvall in the shining - the turtlenecks, frumpy skirts and jumpers are a bit like Jerri's slightly saner librarian sister.

Chelsea said...

Shelley Duvall in the shining is a great reference. Frump city. Love it!

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