Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretty Baby

This post is sort of an extension of my fanatical Heathers post from a few weeks back. After I learned that the actress that played Heather Chandler died of a brain tumor I wondered what happened to the other Heather. And by the other Heather, I mean the Heather that wasn't played by Shannon Doherty. Her name is actually Lisanne Falk and thankfully she is alive and well. During my internet scouring I also discovered that she was a very successful teen model during the eighties. There was even a book about her called Lisanne: A Young Model which I promptly purchased on for the very reasonable price of 99 cents. I love the slightly inappropriate photos of her and Brooke Shields. Is it just me or does their crimped hair actually look sort of good?


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Crap, I might need to buy this too. I love digging shit like this up!

**** said...

holy shit YES

chromium dumb belle said...

thanks so much for the link Ms Cat Party...i'm glad you loved the Lutens vids...those are my faves...
This book looks brilliant...i must get a copy too...if there are any left!!! Im a huge Pretty baby fan...Kisses...

Chelsea said...

So glad that you guys appreciate this post! I thought that this might be one of those things that only I would care about but I'm happy to hear that is not the case.

And big thanks to you CDB, your blog is so fantastic, I love all of the weird fantasy stuff. I actually had a dream where I had that crazy beautiful swan bed that you posted. I was so heartbroken when I woke up!

Anonymous said...
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July Stars said...

Shit, you're always such a great source of inspiration ... I wish you'd blog every day! I've gone and purchased my own copy immediately after having read this post. Hopefully it won't take too long to be shipped to London from the US! I can't wait to examine the book closely. Such wonderful pictures.

Chelsea said...

I will try to blog more, I promise! It's funny, Betsy Cameron, the chick that took most of the photos in that book is actually the same person who is responsible for all of those cheesy colorized black & white photos of little kids kissing or holding hands. They are mostly used for greeting cards and posters. And she was actually a teen model herself.

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