Friday, February 26, 2010

Paul & Joe for theOutnet!

Paul & Joe has teamed up with theOutnet to produce a small cat-filled capsule collection! Everything is 50% off this weekend only so if you have your eye on something you'd better act fast! 




Cat Print Tunic, was $145 now $72


Chelsea said...

I want the navy one! But I can't let myself buy more clothes right now. Uhhh. You should buy one with your lotto winnings!

m.bardeaux said...

yeah i bought the navy one, it will look fly with my chanel flats that i will also be purchasing with my lotto winnings!

Kitty Stampede said...

LOVE! Want. dammit, i'm broke.

kylie jo said...

I love these! Too bad I'm one day late!

joy said...

I really like the blue one and I also agree flats would do with this.

whatiwore said...

I very specifically wanted that dress, but it's not in my budget this week. Curse you, stupid H&M-accessories-that-ate-up-my clothes-budget!

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