Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Googly Mayhem!

It seems that googly eyes are having a bit of a fashion moment. The Mulleavy sisters put them all over the Rodarte pop-up shop at Colette and they also made an appearance Giles Deacon's presentation a few weeks ago.

I have been using googly eyes in my craft projects forevs, here are a few things that I made last week:

1) A postcard customized with googly eyes for my friend Gabe
Googly eyes can enhance all sorts of postcards but they work especially well with museum postcards. I call this piece "The Googly Wave."

2) A valentine for my grandmother
I made this one out of card stock and googly eyes. Simple. Cute. Grandma-friendly.

3) CD sleeve for a compilation that I gave to Megan for her birthday.
The CD sleeve is super easy to make, just buy a photo mailer, draw the cat face of your choice, add googly eyes, cut off the top of the mailer, and voila! For this one I used colored pencils to draw the cat. I have also made a few with collaged card stock but that can be much more tedious, especially if you want your cat to have a lot of teeth. I have also added plastic jewels and fake eyelashes to my cat CD sleeves in the past.

The eye makeup on the cat was inspired by Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy. Speaking of which, there are also a bunch of great googly eye craft projects in Amy Sedaris' phenomenally good entertaining book I Like You. Hopefully your quirky aunt gave it to you for christmas. Below is one of her famous googly peanuts. All you need to make them is a bag of peanuts, googly eyes, and glue. How great is that!

Googly eyes can also do wonders for your apartment. I added them to some of the cats on my bulletin board.

I have also been on the hunt for some extra-large googly eyes that I can use to enhance my Eyes of Laura Mars poster. This hilarious concept can also be applied to posters for The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Angeleyes starring Jennifer Lopez.

I also made this cat head mobile for my friend's baby a couple weeks ago using card stock, wire, and googly eyes but I had not yet planned to do this post so I didn't photograph it. I will continue to share my cat themed craft projects in the future though. Also.....

You can buy googly eyes with glue backs or googly eyes without glue backs. I reccomend getting the ones without glue backs, and then using glue dots (you can get them at any craft/stationary store) to stick the eyes onto your creation.


of course! said...



Fancy! New Zealand Design Blog said...

I love Googly Eyes!!

childrens jewellery said...

Great pics! Love them

m.bardeaux said...

i love my cd sleeve so much it might have to go on the wall. xoxoxo

LuxiRare said...

I want to see more of this on your blog!

Chelsea said...

Well I don't know if it's wall-worthy but I could see it chilling in one of your glass cabinets.

glad you guys appreciate the crafting, I'll keep it up! And Ji, that jacket is crazy amazing. The finishing is so beautiful. I hope you actually wear it in the real world!

Ben said...

Do you ever get the feeling that we are being watched!?

pachuco hands said...

Andrew Kuo's Louder Than Bombs shirt is so dope. I wore it yesterday! Go Go Googly eyes!

Idioelectric said...

You HAVE to watch the Christopher Walken SNL sketch where he plays a gardener who puts googly eyes on his plants.

Chelsea said...

That shirt and the christopher walken clip are so amazing! I'll have to do a follow up post!

Laurie Luxe said...

wonderful post! googly eyes are so amazing.

hope505 said...

*hahaha!* "Eyes of Laura Mars" +googly eyes made me laugh so hardd...
* ; )

Anna Marie said...

the googly eyes in the rodarte display is genius!

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Internet Marketing Los Angeles said...

Aaahahaha what a great idea! The peanut is hilarious! So is the googly wave....well actually they are all really funny haha

backup camera said...

Haha, I love Googly Eyes!!! Who doesn't?? Sometimes they kind of creep me out, but usually I think they're adorable- especially in bulk!