Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cool Cat

Did I really buy these last night? Yeah, totally. Here they are in red if you also feel like you can't live without obnoxiously bright sunnies that fold up into the shape of a cat head. Somebody is going to knock these off in like....two seconds.




musie said...

Oh my god. I kind of sort of really need those in my life. They're so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Uh-MAZING!!! I need one in black or tort.

WendyB said...


Chelsea said...

Can't wait to see you rock those!

Ellenitza said...

I just spent, like, 15 minutes (a lifetime in blog-world) reading your blog - I love it! Check out mine when you have a minute (not so funny, but there is a cat every now and then): ellenitza.

erin / atlantic treefox said...

omg omg omg i totally had those when i was little! i comPLETELY forgot about them. i think mine were pink!

rachael said...

hilariously cute! and they are purple! (my favourite). and cats are so awesome.

Anonymous said...

those are from the eighties!
i rocked those -- i had the exact same pair!!!!
that and the slappy wrist bracelets.

Kari Monster said...

I got these in pink when I saw CATS the musical when i was about 6 yrs old. Love

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