Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Law & Order

You've seen them before and you'll probably see them again but I for one never get tired of looking at celebrity mugshots. Here are a few of my faves...

Anna Nicole Smith: driving under the influence

Lil' Kim: pot possession

Patty Hearst: Bank robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony

Jane Fonda: disorderly conduct (never convicted)

Elizabeth Short a.k.a. "The Black Dahlia": Underage drinking.

Note: I went through a lot to get this photo. And by a lot, I mean that I google imaged Elizabeth Short which no one should ever do under any circumstances. I know that by saying this I'm probably temping you to google her but do not give in to your morbid impulses! Now that I've seen photos of her corpse I can barely sleep at night. Not worth it!

David Bowie: pot possession

Myra Hindley: Kidnapping & murder.


m.bardeaux said...

lil kim's photo is so badass. also, it's taking every ounce of self restraint to not google image search elizabeth short. thanks for the warning but no thanks for planting the seed.

Chelsea said...

Trust me, you don't want to! I know that I shouldn't have said anything but I was just so traumatized and needed to process my anxieties about death and torture in some fashion. Plus I didn't want someone who didn't know who she was to randomly google her because she looks cool or whatever. I felt really violated that google subjected me to that shit. But now I really want to see the Brian de Palma movie with Jenny from the L Word playing her. Even though everyone says that it is horrible. It's just such a creepy, bizarre story.

Chelsea said...

And yeah, Lil kim looks so rad.

Layers&Swathes said...

Once upon a time Anna was beautiful.. Look at those cheek bones!

Clorivak said...

My favs are Jane Fonda and David Bowie...they look too cool for words. Jane's hair is frakking phenomenal.

Chelsea said...

For me, nothing will ever top Jane Fonda. I love the fist, it's so funny. I mean she's acting like a political prisoner or something but she got arrested for bringing too many prescription drugs on an airplane and then assaulting a police officer. So good!

And yes, the hair is so many kinds of incredible!

Tomorrow said...

such an amazing idea!
You are a really talented blogger!
Jane Fonda is brilliant! I have to agree with Chelsea!
funny funny!
Tomorrow x

WendyB said...

Yeah, I've seen that corpse picture. Not pretty. But don't you also find her face (while alive) to be pretty terrifying? The eyes!

Chelsea said...

Thanks tomorrow! Wendy, Yeah, her expression is really vreepy. But she has such nice bone structure, as does anna nicole!

Jackson said...

you LOVE anna

Shay said...

is there a blog devoted to celebrity mugs? There should be!!

thedeparture said...

I've seen the corpse pictures several years back, googled it again and now it's fresh in my mind. I've read too many stories on so as disgusting as that crime is, I've seen worse (sadly). As for Bowie, God bless that man. When does he ever NOT look put-together and classy??

Anonymous said...

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Vincent Ferré said...

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Online Furniture Stores said...

Yes! Love these. All of them look so young. I applaud them for looking so good in their mug shots.

Therapist New York said...

Wow, Lil Kim actually used to be very pretty! Before she put on all the makeup and craziness. And David Bowie looks like a model in his, so hot! Loved him in Labyrinth.

dentist west hollywood said...

I didn't know Jane Fonda was in jail...not totally surprising, she seems kinda crazy- all the Fonda's do. And Anna Nicole looks soooo different than she did in the end! Crazy!