Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grace Coddington on Martha Stewart!

How incredible is her cat necklace? Not to mention her cats! God I want a blue persian.


m.bardeaux said...

i have that episode recorded, can't wait to watch it! i hope i'm like grace some day.

marina said...

I love that you can hear the cats purrrring in the background!

Chelsea said...

I know! Too cute!

joanna said...

whoa best thing ever! those cats should be a purrrmanent (HAHA) fixture on the martha stewart show!

Roxy Teacups and Couture said...

I DVR'ed that episode and decided to keep it... I watched it 3 times already- it aired yesterday. I have 3 Persians... I love them so much!!!!!


Chelsea said...

Roxy--I am so jealous of you and your three persians! What a dream!

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kousalya said...

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dentist west hollywood said...

A blue persian would be cool, I can't tell if I like mixed cats or purebreds better...any are cute, though!

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Who's Grace Coddington? Lol.