Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Kitteh!

Attention cat people! I strongly encourage all of you to submit a photo of your feline companion to Karma Cats. For every photo they receive $5 will be donated to Alley Cat Rescue, which benefits feral cats. I submitted this photo of Dexter, my roommate's adorable tuxedo cat. I think he loves Stevie Nicks as much as I do!


Joanna M. said...

That is a very nice cause. I like it. I like your cat. I like stevie nicks. I like...well you get the picture :)

m.bardeaux said...

i'm off to submit photos of muffin & cupcake.

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Backup Camera said...

Wish I'd known about this, I would have sent in pics of my old cat (he's roaming in the wild now) and my best friend's cat! Love black and white kitties, so cute.

dentist west hollywood said...

Do you know if they still do this?! I will totally submit my cats photo- I just made a calendar of her. Lol. Help the kittehs!