Monday, January 11, 2010

Cat Party PSA

As of today it's been one year since my last cigarette. I remember all the times when I was still smoking that I would consciously talk myself out out of quitting; I would be bored on my walks and long car trips, I'd miss that satisfaction of the post-meal cigarette, I'd gain weight and how else could I relieve stress? After I stopped smoking I quickly learned that all these excuses I'd been giving myself were really just nicotine-fueled illusions.

The one thing I can tell anyone who's struggling with the thought of quitting is that your quality of life will increase dramatically! I'm not just talking about health, everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. I'm talking about little things you may not even notice now. You'll realize how nice it is to go to a leisurely dinner or see a movie without counting down the minutes until you can bolt out the door and light up. While airports will never be anxiety-free I can guarantee that not feeling chained to cigarettes will make the experience much more tolerable. No more worrying about sneaking another break at work or school to snuff out the craving because there won't be a craving to begin with. Also, how selfish is it to ask your non-smoker friend to stand in the bitter cold outside a bar while you puff away?

If you've been struggling to quit smoking or even if you've just entertained the idea I urge you to get your hands on a copy of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.  There's no forcing data down your throat or making you feel like you need to punish yourself for being a smoker. In fact, you're actually encouraged to continue smoking throughout the book! It really does work. I was a non-smoker from the moment I read the last page and have helped several friends quit by passing the book along. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy, I promise it will be the best $10 you have ever spent.

If you need more convincing you can go ahead and calculate how much money you would save! I smoked nearly a pack a day before I quit:

$6 (average price of a pack) x 7  = $42 a week
$42 x 4 = $168 a month
$168 x 12 = $2016 a year

That's almost a Chanel 2.55!

Still not buying it? Here's a photo of Anita Pallenberg in her heyday:

Here is a recent photo snapped outside Waitrose in Chichester:

Okay, okay. I know it's been 30 years but ouch! I'm sure she would have aged quite a bit more gracefully without the ciggies (and the bag lady getup).  Quel dommage!

The last two examples were purely for humor, I don't want any readers to think I'm nagging. Honestly I just know how great it feels to be free of the constant cigarette panic and hope that anyone who has been thinking of quitting will do themselves a favor and buy (or borrow) the book. Good luck, though I know you don't need it!


Chelsea said...

I am so proud of you Megan!

Anonymous said...

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m.bardeaux said...

thanks chel, i am so proud of you too! we should probably think about getting one of those robot comment protector things.

Chelsea said...

Yeah, what the hell is this about? Totes annoying!

Anonymous said...

Anita looks like that cause she was a heroin addict and dabbled too much in black magic that she didn't understand. But...better to have lived and be a cutely scary crone now than a wrinkleless ice princess.

m.bardeaux said...

anon - i agree that the life that both she and marianne led would be hard on anyone, that wasn't the point of my post. i probably should have left her out of it (we luv you anita!) but i happened to stumble upon that photo as i was writing the post and decided to throw it in to lighten it up a bit...she's looking a little crazy!

i totally agree that it's better to live your life than to watch it pass by but believe me cigarettes (and heroin) don't have to be a part of an interesting and fulfilling life!

gottabekd said...

hey i just wanted to say thanks for posting about this book. your mention made me look into it & freakily enough i kept hearing about it more & more so i picked it up. i finished it a couple days ago & am 100% confident in myself that i will never smoke again.

m.bardeaux said...

gottabekd - i know this is late but congrats!

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dentist west hollywood said...

I might have to buy this for... most of my friends! They are heavy smokers (I am not) and they try to quit... 'try' but do not succeed. If this works I'll get it for them! Congrats btw, I know it's hard.