Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This month's Teen Vogue uses one of Will Cotton's gorgeous creations to illustrate a feature about the poor eating habits of teenagers. Obesity has never looked more appealing.


Shay said...

I agree! These are lovely.

Eline said...

OH I love the ones with the women in the cotton candy! Kind of Rubens-esque to me.

Layers&Swathes said...

If this is supposed to put people off then i'm not sure that will work.

Mmm Haagen Dazs..

Really love this blog!

love_again said...

Why did I have to stumble across this post when I have been trying to fight off late night sugar cravings?

Zenobie said...

These are absolutely dreamy, they remind me of the nutcracker suite

Janette Crawford said...

In other news, I wanted to be sure that you've seen United Bamboo's limited edition cat calendar: http://shopbird.com/product.php?productid=19807&cat=473&manufacturerid=&page=1

I think of your blog anytime I come across cats+fashion... guess there's nothing like a good niche. :)

owelle said...

oh so lovely!

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fashion books said...

Yea they're trying to talk about NOT having poor eating habits and then they put these pics up? That looks like foodie heaven - aka where I want to be! And were those nude pics in there? Lol. My how Teen Vogue has changed since when I was reading it!

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