Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mag Hag: Mono Kultur

I've been feeling uncharacteristically apathetic about magazines lately but then I discovered these back issues of the Berlin-based quarterly Mono Kultur at the New York book fair earlier this month. The concept is simple, each issue is devoted to one person (or band). There is a Q&A, a small selection of relevant images, and that's it. The design of each issue is unique and completely impeccable. I really can't say enough good things about Mono Kultur. Oh, and it features really cool people like Tilda Swinton, David Shrigley, Francois Ozon, Miranda July, and Dries van Noten. I also really love the choice of Michael Ballhaus, who I didn't know anything about before I read his issue. He is a cinematographer who worked on all the best Fassbinder movies and invented the mind-blowing 360-degree tracking shot used in Martha. Check out the video if you haven't seen it, it's magical. And so is Margit Carstensen's all-white outfit, it kills me every time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doll Baby

I haven't ever paid much attention to Orla Kiely aside from a dress I bought years ago at the Catbird that sold clothes - sad to find it closed! The Bedford location is still open, such a great name for a store. Anyways, the dress I bought was blue with white rick-rack. I guess you could say it resembled an Easter egg (in the best possible way). I've never been all that crazy about her bags but recently stumbled upon the Fall '09 clothing collection while browsing the lovely So Much To Tell You.

Needless to say I am totally digging the dollybird ruffly peter-pan collared goodness! If the images look like they're straight out of Lula that's because they were styled by Lula's Leith Clark. Reminds my so much of a darling little frock Miss Marianne would don in her pre-Mick/Anita days.

Oh Marianne!!!! You're so adorable, I almost can't bear to look at you...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Over My Head

I think that it's safe to say that most everyone loved the headscarves at Marni this season. I'm a big fan of headscarves in general but unfortunately they make me look like a crazy person. But if you are one of the chosen few who can actually pull it off, you have an obligation to do it for the rest of us. Unless you are Lindsey Lohan, who dominates the google image results for "headscarf + fashion".


Christine McVie's style, like Christine herself, is severely underrated. Her outfits actually outshine Stevie's in all of the photos on Fleetwood Mac records; this one is from the Rumours sleeve. A more comprehensive Christine fashion post is coming soon. Also note Mick Fleetwood's crazed expression, that guy has more faces than Cindy Sherman.

Nina Simone, pioneering the scarf/hat look.

Jackie O by Ron Galella.

Axl Rose. This look is cool but Google-imaging him was really terrifying.

Vika Gazinskaya (from Altamira) Love her.

Edie Beale, master of the headscarf.

Loulou de la Falaise

Oh, and on another scarf-related note, do check out this hilarious video about the art of scarf tying. This chick is innovative....and bat-shit crazy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cat Fancy: United Bamboo

I kind of lost my shit when I saw these photos from a soon-to-be-released United Bamboo calender on Refinery 29 today. I can't conceive of anything more exciting than cats wearing United Bamboo---except for cats wearing Lanvin---but I'll put that fantasy aside for the time being. I am especially stoked that they photographed a British Blue shorthair (wearing the black fan pleat dress). Unfortunately the calender is already out of stock on the United Bamboo website. Way to ruin my life United Bamboo! (EDIT: my bad, you can e-mail help@unitedbamboo.com to reserve a copy!) However, I did discover that their online store has a lot of great bargains. I can't wait to get another pair of these awesome pants, they are so chill and comfortable. I wonder if they come in cat sizes....

Mew Mew!

Where oh where do I even begin? Miuccia Prada slapped cat prints (and a few choice brooches) on just about everything in her Miu Miu show today. I am particularly excited about about the shoes and I will do whatever it takes to get my hands on a (steeply discounted) pair. This probably means obsessive trips to Century 21 or Loehmann's or whatever but I know that it will be worth it. Because if I don't, they will wind up in that little corner of my mind where all the clothes that I should of bought but didn't live. I wince whenever I think about those things. It's kind of like remembering embarrassing moments from middle school. I refuse to let the cat print Miu Miu platforms join the Eley Kishimoto ostrich cardigan, the ocelot peacoat from a vintage store in Roswell, that XXL polyester muumuu with glittery kitten appliques from Value World. Over my dead body.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Woof Meow OMG

I love a good animal motif or print, or anything having to do with animals ever; here are some of my favorite finds as of late!!!!

Doggie cardigan and Bunny necklace, both from Anthropologie

Bunny ring, Urban; Hussein Chalayan tote, The Corner

Naughty Care Bear leggings and Emma Cook dress, both from Farfetch

See by Chloe Sheep cardigan from Farfetch; Badger tee from Topshop