Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Add These to the Top of my X-mas List!!!

As much as I wish I could take my kitten with me everywhere (prepare yourself for the cuteness...) having an oh-so-cute kitty necklace or ring to look at might be the next best thing. I just wish I had more than ten fingers to wear all of these rings on! And while we're at it, all the money to buy these beauties with!!

Giant animal cocktail rings from Emitations

Hey mouse be careful eating that big gemmy thing!!!

Kitty and puppy wonderfulness from Precious Pets (visit the website for ponies and angels, too.)

You can even choose between different breeds of kitties!

Pomerani-ring! Haha!

Lounging necklace kitty reminds me of my own kitty, Crackers!



Eline said...

I've always said I'd only accept a weeding/engagement ring in the shape of a cat and made out of fairy dust. Little did I know they actually exist! Damn it! WANTCAT

m.bardeaux said...

seriously i think my heart is exploding, can't deal these are so amazing. a maine coon cast in gold with topaz eyes is now on the top of my wishlist!

Chelsea said...

Holy shit, the mouse ring! And the dog pendant! It is so amazing that hip boutiques haven't picked up on this stuff, everything is so amazing!

Anonymous said...

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Lady Smaggle said...

Love the rabbit ring. You always have the BEST stuff on your blog.

jesi said...

aw your cat is squishalicious.

Furniture Stores Los Angeles said...

Stunning rings! My favorite is the mouse one eating a stone.

acting classes los angeles said...

Oh my gosh your cat is so cute!!!!! Sooo cute, Crackers...love it! That fox ring is amazing. I kind of like animal rings and am sort of creeped out by them simultaneously. I like food rings lately.