Saturday, October 10, 2009

Over My Head

I think that it's safe to say that most everyone loved the headscarves at Marni this season. I'm a big fan of headscarves in general but unfortunately they make me look like a crazy person. But if you are one of the chosen few who can actually pull it off, you have an obligation to do it for the rest of us. Unless you are Lindsey Lohan, who dominates the google image results for "headscarf + fashion".


Christine McVie's style, like Christine herself, is severely underrated. Her outfits actually outshine Stevie's in all of the photos on Fleetwood Mac records; this one is from the Rumours sleeve. A more comprehensive Christine fashion post is coming soon. Also note Mick Fleetwood's crazed expression, that guy has more faces than Cindy Sherman.

Nina Simone, pioneering the scarf/hat look.

Jackie O by Ron Galella.

Axl Rose. This look is cool but Google-imaging him was really terrifying.

Vika Gazinskaya (from Altamira) Love her.

Edie Beale, master of the headscarf.

Loulou de la Falaise

Oh, and on another scarf-related note, do check out this hilarious video about the art of scarf tying. This chick is innovative....and bat-shit crazy!


meagan said...

I thought Marni was so disappointing!

Chelsea said...

I agree, but the scarves were great!

Anonymous said...

A fabulous post, as always!

WendyB said...

Axl used to be so good-looking. Sigh.

hope505 said...

~ whoa! ~ Axl Rose and Little Edie Beale in the same post! Bonus! *heehee!*
I would definitely rock a scarf with a beehive or bun...

Anonymous said...

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Sofa Los Angeles said...

I like head scarves too. I am sure that this is at least one way that you can wear it so that it doesn't make you look crazy. I know that if I wear it wrong I look like a bald woman.