Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm always excited when the Cannes film festival rolls around because more often than not, Isabelle Huppert is there. This year she was the jury president and I was super stoked to hear that they awarded the Palme d'Or to Michael Haneke, who directed her in The Piano Teacher. I really wish that they would team up again and make a prequel to The Piano Teacher because I would love to know how her character became so colossally perverted. Maybe I should start a Facebook group or something. But anyway, I wanted to do a post about Isabelle Huppert because she is mysteriously absent from the fashion blogosphere. This seems illogical, as she is beautiful and chic and, you know, French. Why should Catherine Deneuve get all the attention? Isabelle may not be as glam as the Queen D but she's certainly chic enough to merit one lousy post on a vaguely cat-themed fashion blog, right?

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estelle said...

I love Isabelle Huppert. she was magnificent in The Piano Teacher. But sadly I don't think Haneke will do a prequel considering that the film was based on a book that, to my knowledge, doesn't have a prequel. Was it I Heart Huckabees that she was in as well? Loooooove her.