Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello Furacoco

It's really convenient when your musician friends make music that you actually really like. Such is the case with my BFFs Sarah & Kyoko, who have recently formed a band called Furacoco. I highly recommend that all of you lovely people check out their myspace page and please do make a point of listing to "Hacking Them Down", which is totes my jam. It sounds like surfy, early B-52's-y spy music and whenever I hear it I get an overwhelming urge to don a vinyl catsuit and do my best impersonation of Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep. Is that weird?

I also could not resist posting this gorgeous photo of Sarah's that is currently on view at the Stricola gallery (across the street from Deitch Projects). It's part of an animal-themed group show called Wild Things!. There is actually is a cat in this photo, can you spot it?


E.K. said...

Way to plug musician friends! You're good people for doing that.

Chelsea said...

Thanks! They are really fantastic though.