Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pretty Talk: The Budget Edition

Now that most of us are penny-pinching a bit more than usual I thought I'd share a list of my favorite inexpensive beauty products. Everything that follows is under $10 and most are available at drugstores, leaving you with more cash to blow on important things like shoes and stuff.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

This has probably been recommended to everyone at some point in their lives, if you haven't already tried it pick some up asap - it really is the best.

Psssssst! Instant Spray Shampoo

Aside from being cute and charming, anything with a label that hasn't changed in 30+ years is bound to be awesome. Most hair doesn't like to be washed everyday so this stuff is great for those days of unwash (plus it gives your hair amazing volume and body). I made the mistake of buying the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo for red hair once, I don't know why they think chicks want to look like Ronald McDonald. Psssssst can also give you unfortunate Marie Antoinette powdered wig head, just use sparingly and brush through. If you're really cheap you can use plain old cornstarch but it's just not as fun, plus it can be a little messy.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

This is the old standby, the minty green face masque that your mom used when she was a teenager and has been featured in every 80s movie that includes a sleepover. This stuff works wonders, tightens pores and leaves skin glowing and soft. Probably not the best for those with sensitive skin as it can be quite tingly and might sting - proceed with caution.

Trader Joe's Sea Salt Scrub

Summer is fast approaching and I'm sure most of us could use a good scrub. Exfoliation in moderation is one of the best things you can do for your skin. I recently found this scrub at Traders Joe's (I like the lavender one) and it's only $6 for a giant tub! I think that actually might be cheaper than making a scrub yourself. Plus it has a flip top lid instead of a screw top lid...oh TJ's you think of everything. Just be careful when getting out of the tub, this can make it really slippery and I don't want to be responsible for any beauty related injuries.

Manetti Roberts Acqua Distillate Alle Rose a.k.a. Rose Water

Rose water has been used by attractive ladies for like 294684568456 billion years as a skin tonic and refresher, shouldn't you be using it too? I love to use it as a toner before moisturizing and keep some in a spray bottle for mid-day freshening up. It smells amazing and looks lovely on the vanity.


Amanda said...

i use the scrub (in grapefruit)- def. great stuff and a little goes a long way

Chelsea said...

this perfect post for me given my inability to spend money on beauty products. But now I have one more goddamn thing to buy at TJ's.

clorivak said...

hmm..I've only ever used the Cetaphil cleanser, I'll have to give the lotion a shot.
That No Wash Shampoo would be perfect for me..I don't think we have it in Canada though..hmm..I'll have to check.
Great post on cheapie drug store any fav drugstore makeup??

LuxiRare said...

oh yes.
I will definitely give the cetaphil a try...I heard good things too.

Megan said...

clorivak -
i use the cetaphil cleanser as well, it's great! i have dry skin but i actually use the cleanser for normal to oily skin (bought it by mistake once but ended up really liking it). it doesn't dry your skin out and does a good job of removing makeup. i'm glad you like the post, i'll do a drugstore makeup post soon!

Alexis said...

I loooove that no wash shampoo! I have black hair though so I have to spray it in the night before and let it soak in, otherwise i makes my hair grey. I highly recommend that stuff to everyone and they never believe me.

fashion blah blah said...

Oh my god, i love Acqua distillata di rose but unfortunatelt it's hard to find spray shampoos here in Italy. that's a shame. I hope i can buy it online. thanks!

Carlotta said...

I still use the rose water, it smells great and my skin looks healty and of course it's inexpensive!!

Rowena said...

I love a good beauty scoop. I use rose water too. I used to use baby powder on my hair till I discovered dry shampoo. Only mine doesn't have a cool a name as Pssssssssst.

Tahda said...

I own (or have owned) all of these except for the hair spray.

And yes, that TJ scrub (yes, lavender) is just as good as the sugar scrub by fresh and costs about $60 less! fabulous suggestions.