Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oops I Did it Again: Carefree vs. Karen Walker

Lately I've been spending a lot of time watching whatever my beloved Roku will bestow upon me, yesterday it was Carefree starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire while catching up on some Spring cleaning. Obviously, Karen Walker really liked the dress Amanda (Ginger) wears when she's being psychoanalyzed:

Karen Walker Fall 2007:

I was totally crazy in love with this dress from the moment I laid eyes on it...actually I have to say this is my favorite Karen Walker collection to date. Not sure who to give credit to, the costume designers for Carefree are Howard Greer and Edward Stevenson. I'm leaning towards Stevenson for the heart dress is particular because I'm pretty sure Greer primarily did gowns. Please enlighten me if you know for sure! So which dress do you prefer? I like the simplicity of the lightening bolt placement in the KW dress but I'm a total sucker for hearts and arrows.


Michelle said...

I love karen, so cool you stumbled across her inspiration for this dress! Always so funny when things like that happen.

E.K. said...

The hearts and arrows are so much more unique. Lightning bolts remind me of nerd rockers guitar straps, but that's just me.

Cassiopeia said...

OH! I love films with ginger rogers in... I did dancing when I was little and she was my idol, but I don't think I've seen that one. The dress is to die for! Did Karen Walker credit the film as an influence 'cos it's quite close? Not that that's negative... It's a great style-reference and I'm in LOVE! :-D



Megan said...

E.K. - HA! now that's all I can think about.

Cassiopeia - it's one of the funnier Rogers/Astaire films, more of a comedy than a musical as there are only 4 dance numbers or so. you should check it out! i don't think KW credited the film as an influence which actually kinda bugs me because there are soooo similar. she said influences for the collection were taken from 30's comic book super-heroines. the movie is from the 30's but hrrrmmm....oh well, love her just the same.

oni said...

oh man ive been looking for a film still of this dress for EVER!!! its my absolute favorite thank you sooo much

Whim said...

I love that Karen gave a comedic affect to her usual serious collections

Chelsea said...

ahhh so amazing!

clorivak said...

I adore the hearts and arrows dress myself, but the Karen Walker hat is super cute!!!

Dream Sequins said...

I love that snood hat styling thing they are doing on runways. It makes the women look a bit alienlike, but puts more attention on the clothes. What do you think?

Helen Cox said...

oooh retro silver screen chic is so classy, I love it. Give me those Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis types any day of the week, much more sophisticated and "together" than modern day celebs.

Tiffany Tse said...

wow! great dress :)

Anonymous said...

blatant copy-catting!

Tahda said...

that's so cool. I had no clue that's where that dress came from. I do love karen walker though!

Yeepcha said...

I have Karen's dress and I ended up chopping it so it was short and sassy. If only i was 5ft 10, I could have kept the original length. It's lovely seeing where she got her ideas from. And yes, this is one of her best collections.

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acting classes hollywood said...

I've never seen this movie! And I LOVE Ginger and Fred, her dress is great btw. I think my favorite Fred movie thus far is Holiday Inn or Funny Face though...yours?

Jade Graham said...

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