Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pucci on My Mind

I have so many mental associations with Pucci that it’s hard for me to look at a Pucci print without thinking about one of the following scenarios:

A. A tan, lithe Marissa Berenson modeling a Pucci minidress in a sixties-era Harper’s Bazaar.

B. Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe cleaning out the Pucci section in Decades after snorting lines of adderall in the bathroom.

C. A totally fly Pucci-clad grandma who spends 99% of her time lounging around her Palm Springs estate with a Capri cigarette dangling from her claw-like fingers.

I think I like the new Pucci campaign because it reminds me of the grandma scenario. Only it’s Stella Tennant instead of an actual grandma, which is kind of unfortunate. I would much prefer a tanorexic, Miss Havisham-esq granny hobbling around in a caftan with a teacup poodle and a cocktail. THAT would be fierce.

via The Fashion Spot


E.K. said...

You have such a great eye for solid photos!

Tuffer said...

totally love the grandma vision of Pucci.

lavelle said...

oh i like this! Is it shot be andrew Woffindgen? Looks like his work?? xx

SEO Los Angeles said...

Bring on the flowy fashion!