Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey Cute Stuff

Oh glorious Thursday, thank you for gracing me with a preview of the Lewis Fall 2009 collection (Allison Lewis, formally of Mooka Kinney). Head over to to view the adorable video full of pretty girls playing dress up, telling secrets, sneaking champagne while sitting in a know, the things BFFs normally do when they're just hanging out.

via the pipeline


E.K. said...

I actually really liked that little video. The song fit perfectly. I've never heard of that director. Is he a photographer?

Megan said...

i know, isn't it so sweet? i hadn't heard of the director before this but here a link to some of his work:

p.s. thanks so much for giving us that award on your blog!

E.K. said...

Thanks for the link. His photos are surprisingly more harsh than the video. I thought they'd be a bit more soft like the film.

You're welcome for the award! Of course, I love your blog!

luxirare said...

oh i like this video alot, and their clothes are super cute.

Chelsea said...

yeah, thats totally adorable!