Monday, December 8, 2008

David Lynch just got Weirder

Being an avid fashion blog reader, I don’t know how I failed to hear about David Lynch’s quasi-recent perfume ad for Gucci, especially given the hoopla surrounding Sofia Coppola’s Dior ad. This lack of feeling “with it” prompted an hour-long Youtube Lynch-fest which proved to be quite informative. Here are some of my findings:

Gucci by Gucci Racquel! Freja! Blondie!

Clear Blue (pregnancy tests!!!)
I would love to know which genius ad exec suggested this pairing at the staff brainstorm. It was probably followed by, "Lets get Marty for the Quiznos ads."

Clean Up New York PSA
Almost as traumatizing as that Sarah MacLachlan animal abuse PSA. But not quite.

Opium I would like an explanation for the weird Twin Peaks music.

Georgia Coffee Definitive proof that David Lynch (and Kyle MacLachlan) will do anything for a paycheck. I seriously doubt that Special Agent Dale Cooper would get so hot and bothered over coffee that comes in a can.


MG said...

Interesting-I hadn't seen that Gucci ad either! And that Clean Up New York, disturbing is a very good word to describe it.

susie_bubble said...

The Opium ad is hilarious as is the coffee one...

Michelle said...

he's working on a meditation video now which should be interesting haha. I'd love to see his definition of calming and meditative!

Tahda said...

so many things to comment on in that last post. haha. esp the mention of the ASPCA sarah mclaughlin ad - it's made me tear-up on several occasions.

I knew he did commercials but what a wide and random selection!

misha said...

whoa- i had no idea he ventured into pregnancy test ads but i've been stoked about the gucci perfume ad since it came out. i am not surprised about the coffee one- david lynch has a HUGE thing with coffee (which is why it was such a prominent character in Twin Peaks) he even sells his own brand of coffee via his homepage. can't wait to get some myself!

lola said...

I like David Lynch, but to be honest he is better making movies than adverts. P.S.Have you seen his new advert for dior? with Marion Cotillard? a bit like inland empire :))