Friday, November 14, 2008

Tell it to my Heart

I have been trying to eliminate cutesy clothes from my wardrobe for some time now but my unwavering attraction to heart motifs always gets in the way. I can’t resist heart-shaped pockets, lockets, Lolita glasses, that van I saw on the street the other day, basically anything with a heart on it is screaming my name. And it’s not good, because cutesy on me always runs the risk of looking bad-cutesy, like Bette Davis singing “Letter to Daddy” cutesy. So it really doesn’t help that hearts are everywhere I look these days, even at Balenciaga! As you can see, I have decided to translate my heart fervor into a excessive photoshop collage (I totally felt like I was on Stylista ). Unfortunately the cat is not for sale.



1. Versace S/S 09, 2. diamante purse, $55 at Topshop (also available in red), 3.Hyde sk purse, $325 at Creatures of Comfort, 4. heart clasp belt, $60 at Topshop, 5. In God We Trust necklace, $220 at Refinery29.


6.Comme des Garçons Play perfume, around $90 at Dover Street Market, 7. scalloped top, $178 at Built by Wendy, 8. Marc Jacobs resort 09, 9. Kate Moss for Topshop scarf, $80 at Topshop.


10. Sunglasses $16 at Urban Outfitters, 11. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel dress, $365 at Net-a-porter, 12. Balenciaga S/S 09, 13. Marc Jacobs ring, $17 at Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques.


niki said...

is that anjelica houston? she looks amazing!

Megan said...

i need numbers 3 and 7, you need numbers 2 and 9 and we need to share number 5. oh, and you would totally blow those stylista-bots outta the water!

Chelsea said...

Yeah it is Anjelica Huston, it's a Bob Richardson photo from an early seventies vogue italia.

And Megan, we are totally getting those BFF necklaces. Do you want to get the small one or the large one? I'm leaning towards the large one even though it's pricier. But yeah, you should get that heart bag, it's so weird and cool. Plus no one would have it. The topshop one is on it's way to my house, I hope I can fit my phone and pack of cigarettes in it. Probably not.

Megan said...

yes let's get the large one! that bag is so cute but i can't justify spending that much on a canvas bag. maybe it will end up on super sale because everyone else agrees with me...fingers crossed!

Lexy said...

I remember letting you have that photo. I knew you would put it to good use.

Chelsea said...

Yes, thank you for that. It's in the Bob Richardson book but they printed it in black and white--so dumb!

susie_bubble said...

You need lots of vintage Moschino then!

Anonymous said...

oh my god! that movie with bette davis was CREEPY and so hilarious! hee hee hee