Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Psychadellic Sensory Trip via iPhone

I admit that I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to the latest technological gadgetry. I'd rather spend my money on clothes, magazines and cute catnip toys for my furry friends. The iPhone has never really tempted me as I am very fond of my Blackberry and I like the tactile button pressing that is apparently becoming obsolete. However, the new RjDj application for the iPhone is totally blowing my mind! This new "digital drug" would turn your daily walk to the corner store into a mind-altering LSD trip minus the harsh brain cell killing side effects. Here's an example of RjDj's sensory wonderland:

If you can't deal with watching the whole thing just skip to the end when the children are craze-o! The RjDj sounds so appealing to me right now because it would help to drown out the sound of my arch nemesis, the leaf blower. As much as I love Autumn, it always means leaves turning into a slippery treacherous mess on the sidewalk that needs to be cleaned up by evil leaf blowers. In fact, their offensive noise is making me go totally bananas as I type this, so I imagine if I had the RjDj the aggro noise would be magically transformed into pleasant sparkle-tastic background noise. I guess I could just listen to some music like a normal person but this seems a little more fun.


Sandy said...

Pretty trippy! I don't know how often I would use this application, but it is very cool. Thanks for posting this!

pastryrockstar said...

megan, Ive been using this iphone app, and have always loved it. It is pretty mind blowing, I use it on runs and train rides... and sometimes its almost to psychedelic to handle.

jenwoo said...

i think i'm going to get this crazy shizzz even though i still dont really get it.