Sunday, October 19, 2008

When it Rains, it Pours

I've survived many soggy winters in the Pacific Northwest with the help of sturdy rain boots. The classic Hunter boots have been my staple for the past few years but I have recently begun a quest to find something a little less clunky and a bit more feminine (not easy when searching for anything in the practical clothing realm). Here are a few options I've stumbled across:

Melissa Saddle Shoes (also in red and gold) $99 at Revolve

Loeffler Randall Matilde Rain Boots $195 at Pink Mascara

My personal favorite, the Aigles Rain Boot soon to be stocked at Le Train Bleu


anja louise said...

I'm in Portland and still trying to find my rain boot for this year. I had a pair of Tretorn skerry boots last year and they were great, but they split along the side. I love the Loeffler ones!

Juliet said...

Mine are actually a pair of riding boots. Chic and dry.

juliet xxx