Monday, October 6, 2008

Oops I Did It Again: The Princess Diana Edition

I recently stumbled across this fun little feature about Princess Diana's various "fashion disasters". Talking smack about a dead woman's style? That's just plain bitchy, even for fashion people. I actually prefer Di's disturbingly matronly get-ups to the spangly Versace frocks that cemented her style icon status in the nineties. And many of her "disasters" are totally on-trend; let's just pray that her hairstyle never comes back into fashion.

Isabel Toledo

Calvin Klien

Marc Jacobs



WendyB said...

I remember how much we admired her hair back in the day!

jacquieshambles said...

Diana is perfection except that hair, I never could stand it either.
Great blog by the way! check me out!
** Love cute big-eyed kittens too!**

Katie R said...

I like her hair. I need her pants in the suit pic.

Iheartfashion said...

Yes, I hope the hair doesn't make a comeback. Good side-by-side comparisons!

Christina said...

great post! and obviously Diana was ahead of her time!

Anonymous said...

I would have killed for that plaid dress--I had one just like it in blue narrow-waled corduroy and wore it as much as I could in 1982-3. And those puff pants with the buttons were also the silhouette of the moment-at the time. And we all wore tuxedo jackets then. The blue coat I don't understand. I don't remember that ever being in fashion, but I think she was pregnant then with her first baby and at the time she didn't seem to be able to stop wearing cutesy stuff. These were not disasters when she wore them--we were all jealous. She was too young to wear classic looks. My god, she was only 19 when she got engaged, and couldn't have been more than 21 when she wore that plaid dress!